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Hi there,everyone. This is shinjyu!

Well,as you may noticed most of the sections are still empty. We're currently under construction.
It's my first time managing a club,still messing around with settings and whatever. give me some time to learn please X.X ouch)
And of course Thank you all for being a part of the club! And I'm really sorry for flooding your inbox with art permission messages XD  I hope we can have more fun in the future when the club is officially settled.

About the club
This is a club dedicated to Atlus's Roleplaying title Devil Summoner : Kuzunoha Raidou from their popular,long-run franchise Shin Megami Tensei The club was created for Raidou's fans to share,and spread the love for the series,as well as collecting and organizing fan stuffs.

Submitting Art
Since the club is still fresh so there's no particular rules for submission at the moment.
You can submit as many pieces as you like.

Looking for Admins
Also,I'm looking for people that willing to help me managing the club,I can do most of the jobs like inviting/adding deviations. But I just need someone who can use English better than me to help in updating the blog entries! LOL! XD Since I'm not native speaker and making loads of mistakes sometimes.;_;

Club Banner
More club banners are welcome♥ (size 100x50px)

(edit more later)

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